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Pet Semetary

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This has to be one
of the more acurate portrayals
of grief that I have ever seen.
As a matter of fact,
it has been running through
my head since it happened,
because this is exactly
how you react.
The primal scream of "NO!"
And then the flashes of your life
before your eyes in still pictures.

The odd thing about this is
that this was the first movie
we ever saw together.
When you came up from Waco
to take care of me,
when I was so sick
I couldn't lift my head.
We spent that week alone together,
and when I was up to it,
we went and saw this movie.
You said on the way home
that when we had our son
he would look just like that,
he would be beautiful and blonde
like his mother.
Years later with Andrew,
when I would hold him
and he is fair like me,
and you would say that you could
almost convince yourself
that he was ours
the way it should have been.

Pet Semetary
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